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Review: ProMera Sport's CON-CRET - Pure Concentrated Creatine Hydrochloride

To get as big as possible as fast as possible, a lot of different things need to come into play. First of all, you need the kind of serious and committed diet and exercise plan that will give you the foundation of fitness you’re looking for.

Then you need the kind of laser like focus to follow through as well as an almost animal like passion to attack the weights or exercises you are using, forcing your body to grow and conform to the shape you’ve been dreaming of. And last but not least, you need to use powerful supplements that actually work to take your efforts and hard work to the next level – and that’s exactly what you’ll get from CON-CRET.

ProMera Sport's CON-CRET Creatine Supplement

Designed from the ground up to offer you the kind of almost super human power you need to get through grueling and crushing workouts, shave your recovery time to next to nothing, and shuttle all of the necessary building blocks for serious mass to the locations they are needed most, nothing on the market beats CON-CRET. A powerful synthetic form of creatine hydrochloride, everything about this supplement screams success. It’s been formulated to:

  • Instantly go to work supplying your body the energy you need to crush it in the gym
  • Skip the loading and cycling phases completely and totally through microdosing
  • Give you clean, pure, and unaltered creatine hydrochloride when you need it most – and when it’s most effective

Con Cret Nutritional Facts

No Loading Phase or Upset Stomach

There are a lot of major benefits you’ll be able to enjoy when you choose CON-CRET as your creatine supplement, but the biggest ones have to be the lack of any and all major downsides that come with taking creatine. If you’ve used a creatine solution in the past, you’ve probably noticed that the loading and daily use phases wreak havoc with your stomach and digestive systems, causing an unwelcome amount of trips to the bathroom.

Combine that with the traditional creatine solution’s penchant for bloating folks up like nothing else on the market, and it should come as no surprise to why the folks behind CON-CRET were looking for – and created – a better way to get creatine into your system.

Con Cret's Potency vesus Creatine Monohydrate

More Potent Than Creatine Monohydrate

While the microdosing technology behind CON-CRET is world class and makes for an amazingly effective supplement, it can get a little bit pricey. You should expect to pay a little less than double for the “same” amount of creatine as more traditional solutions. And while the sticker shock can be a bit to get over, once you see the results and the lack of terrible side effects, you’ll be hooked on CON-CRET for good. 

The important thing to remember about CON-CRET is that it is best used about an hour before you work out. The timing is critical to make sure it hits your body just as you need it most, though it can also make for an effective post-workout shake component as well. Remember that each scoop is good for 100lbs of mass, so dose yourself accordingly.

If you're ready to take things to a whole new level and add insane amounts of lean muscle mass to your body, you need to look into what CON-CRET can do for you. Easily the most technically advanced and powerful creatine supplement on the market, this is the kind of instant edge you’ve been looking for.

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