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Yoga Socks - Exercise For Your Feet?

What are yoga socks?  A hygienic alternative to bare feet.  Most have non-slip sole for safety while exercising.  Feel  secure in the upward bow to downward facing dog, dog!  Hey, ladies yoga socks even look fashionable when you are not exercising.

Woman Performing Yoga

Yoga Socks Overview

Yoga Socks are made in a unique five-toe design that allows the entire foot to perform naturally. They prevent the toes from separating which increases circulation in the legs and feet.  Many people feel when your feet are happy you are happy. Take a minute and feel your feet "grasshopper". Are they constricted, warm, and cramped? I thought so! Now kick off those shoes.  You'll feel more relaxed immediately with yoga socks.

Yoga Socks

Advantages of Yoga Socks

  • Protect feet from shared mats and equipment
  • Non-Slip, better grip
  • Portable-no need to travel with a mat
  • Sweat absorbing
  • Look fashionable even when not exercising

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Robert Swilley is a fitness enthusiast and software engineer. He is passionate about helping people meet their fitness goals through software.

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