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Review: Optimum Nutrition's Opti-Men Multi Vitamin

While there are a million and one different supplements and products you can use to boost your fitness levels and muscle mass through the roof, one of the simplest tools often goes overlooked – or totally ignored.

Multivitamins are an essential component to the boosting the recovery time of your body after max effort, proper synthesis of muscle creation, and just improving your overall health – but not all multivitamins are created equal – and none are created like Opti-Men. One of the most effective and powerful multivitamins you’ll find anywhere, Opti-Men combines more than 75 active ingredients to literally inject your body with everything – and I mean everything – it needs for elite fitness.

Optimen Multivitamin

If you’ve been in the fitness and bodybuilding world for any amount of time, by now you’ve learned that there are some solutions and products on the market that are world class all the way and offering incredible leverage and results, and then there are those that are pushed by less than ethical marketers looking to make a quick buck. And while the supplement world in particular has seen its share of modern day snake oil salesmen, nothing could be further from the truth when you’re talking about Opti-Men.

Not Your Average Multivitamin

Optimen Nutrition Facts

Designed from the ground up to offer your body everything it needs when it comes to vitamins and minerals, this specific blend of more than 75 powerful active ingredients works to give you all of the energy you need to be successful in growing new muscle and having the energy to blast through rough workouts. This is the kind of multivitamin you want on your side when you’re looking to get big.

Sure, there are other products on the market when it comes to multivitamins, but none have been created from step one with the laser like focus of giving you everything you need as a man to become as big as you want. Multivitamins for civilians pale in comparison to the almost overload of high powered vitamins and mineral amounts – and types – that you get when you use Opti-Men, to the point where it would be difficult to classify Opti-Men as a multivitamin at all. It will provide you with everything your body needs to go all out time and time again.

You Still Have to Work Hard

That being said, you have to remember that this is a single pill. There’s no substitute in the world for hard work and actually crushing it with the iron, and falling into the trap of the magic bullet solution (as close as the Opti-Men comes) is going to cripple your success. By all means leverage this solution on a daily basis to feed your body the critical components it needs to be successful, but don’t think it’s going to go all of the heavy lifting on its own – you’ll need to put in the time to see the results that become fast-tracked when you leverage Opti-Men.

To get the most out of Opti-Men though – which as you’ve now learned is no run of the mill multivitamin – you cannot use it like you would a regular, off the shelf kind of solution. The best way to use Opti-Men to boost your effectiveness is to take it three times a day (once bright and early in the morning, once at noon, and then once more before you go to sleep) to boost the effectiveness through the roof. You can also just take all three tablets at once if you choose to.

All in all, if you’re looking to build any edge you can to create and mold the body of your dreams, you need to get serious about using as much leverage as possible – and nothing gives your body a better chance of success than the Opti-Men multivitamin.

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