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Review: SciVation's Xtend - Intra-Workout Catalyst

Not to be confused with a similar sounding male enhancement pill of dubious nature, Xtend is actually a powerful intra-workout supplement that can give you the sustained energy and effort you need to really crush it at the gym. Combining the latest and greatest in scientific and fitness research while cutting out all carbs and sugars – yes, you’ll find NO carbs or sugars in Xtend – this is the kind of intra-workout supplement you’ve been looking for.

SciVation Xtend

Look, we’ve all had those down days. You know, the ones where we get fired up to hit the gym again, walking through the doors like we can crush the planet – only to slide under the bar about 15 -20 minutes into our workout totally and completely bushed, with just enough energy to rack the bar and nothing else. Those kinds of days are the ones that can derail all of our progress in an instant, but with Xtend we’ll never have to worry about it again.

Power Through Your Workouts

Using glutamine, an ideal ratio of BCAAs, and a handful of other superchargers that go to work almost instantly to supply your body with everything it needs to feel jacked up and rip roaring to go, Xtend is the only intra-workout supplement that won’t crash your diet or your energy level by pumping it up artificially with sugars and carbs.

Making it a prime fit for those who are looking to cut up before the beach or a big contest thanks to the lack of sugars or carbs, just about anyone who’s serious about giving max effort without polluting their body in the process should look long and hard at what Xtend brings to the table. The kind of almost miracle in a powder that promise to reboot your batteries when you see the light flickering, Xtend supplies the jolt you need to push past failure and reap the real rewards of your effort.

The major problem with Xtend – if you can call it that – is the simple fact that it can be almost too difficult to really quantify the effects it’s having on your body. While you can feel the difference in just a couple of weeks – especially if you stop using Xtend at the end of a trial just to see what would happen – sometimes it can be difficult to really “know” that it’s working. Even still, it would be tough to argue against the mountains of scientific research behind the product and the flood of positive customer reviews – as well as the firsthand experience you’ll enjoy when using Xtend. 

When To Take Xtend

While the jury is still out somewhat about when the best time to take Xtend really is, the creators of the product feel that because of the rapid deployment of the material you should start to drink Xtend right before your workout and continue sipping it until you’ve finished at the gym. There are some reports of people using it before and after in their pre-workout and post-workout shakes, but the best results have been described from using it just the way the folks behind Xtend outlined.

One of those critical allies in the fight against fat and a powerful tool for allowing you to go full out in creating the body of your dreams, Xtend is like plugging a supercharged power plant into your body when working out. If you’ve ever dragged yourself through a workout and were disgusted with the results Xtend will make sure it never happens again.

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