Bicep Exercises

Standing Inner-Biceps Curl

This exercise works the inner biceps.

Standing Inner-Biceps Curl - Step 1 Standing Inner-Biceps Curl - Step 2


  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, your knees slightly bent and your abs drawn in.
  2. Grasp a dumbbell in each arm with your palms facing each other, fully extend your arms along your sides.
  3. Curl your arms up and out, turning your palms up and out as you lift.
  4. Slowly lower the dumbbells to the starting position.


  • Try to keep your forearms in line with your shoulders as you lift the weight.

Standing Inner-Biceps Curl - Muscles Worked

Primary Muscle: Biceps
Secondary Muscle: Forearms
Equipment Type: Dumbbell

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