Trap Exercises

Upright Barbell Row

The barbell upright row is a standard upright row exercise that targets your traps and deltoids.

Upright Barbell Row - Step 1 Upright Barbell Row - Step 2


  1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Grip the barbell with an overhand grip (palms facing towards your body). Don't drop your shoulders. Even in this starting position the bar should be inline with the bottom of your hip bone.
  2. Next, raise the bar towards your chin. Focus on contracting from your shoulders and traps. Raise the bar to just above your collar bone. Hold this position for a moment then slowly lower the bar back to its original position.


  • If possible, perform the barbell upright row using a rack. You'll be able to rest your barbell on this rack and pick it up from a more comfortable height when you start. This is safer than picking the barbell up from the floor.
  • Keeping your abs tight will help protect your back during the upright row.
  • Maintain good posture and keep your wrists straight. A shoulder width grip is best. A narrower grip will target the traps more, but it will make you more susceptible to a shoulder injury.

Upright Barbell Row - Muscles Worked

Primary Muscle: Traps
Secondary Muscle: None
Equipment Type: Barbell

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